Internet SLR

The Internet presents many challenges, not the least being availability. In today online world, the availability of online service is the prime concern. Are your website sales down, or perhaps they have never done as well as you thought they should? Then it is possible the answer lies in Customer Side Monitoring of your website service.

For only a fraction of the cost of your website service, Internet SLR provides invaluable data, analysis and statistical reports on what is happening at your site from your customers’ perspective.

Corporate Monitoring Techniques

Older, corporate wide network monitoring systems lose their relevance on the Internet. The old system may still provide valuable information about what is happening within the limits of your internal corporate network. But that is irrelevant if your customers can not access your Internet Service. The Internet is continually evolving and any one of thousands of configuration changes made each day throughout the Internet could lead to your site being inaccessible. Internet SLR can help you see the impact of those changes, allowing you to be proactive in your website management. Is your site under continuing development or change? Then Internet SLR provides a watchdog on those changes as well.

Essential Customer Side Monitoring

The requirement for customer side monitoring of your service far exceeds the requirement for internal corporate monitoring. Internal to an organization it was important to monitor key resources and be proactive in the resolution of major problems. However, even without such monitoring you would soon be alerted to any major problem. Externally it is much different. People viewing your site may not be so forthcoming. After all, you are only one of many Internet Services or eBusinesses and it is unlikely that a potential customer will take the time to tell you that there is a problem with your site. Even if some of your customers do make the effort to contact you, you will still need to profile the problem to determine its cause and then continue profiling to ensure the resolution was successful.

Essential Customer Management

In the past your clients dealt with a human employee, and if something went wrong during the sales process then there was someone who could take responsibility. If things are going wrong on your Internet site it is highly unlikely your customers will have the technical know-how to work it out. Internet SLR provides a continuous profiling of your site allowing for a clear view of the customer service your clients are receiving.

Service Quality

If your company makes, or intends to make a profit out of the Internet then you need to keep a close eye on your service quality. Internet SLR provides you with the information you need to manage your web services.

Consider the following questions:

The answer to these questions is now within your reach.