FAQ on the Benefits of Internet SLR

What advantage does Internet SLR offer me?
Internet SLR offers you a client-side view of your Internet service. Just as your site operates 24 hours a day, Internet SLR provides a 24 hour a day view of your site, the way your clients see it.

What is client-side monitoring?
Client-side monitoring involves accessing your web pages from remote sites on the Internet using the same protocols used by your clients. This provides a much more objective view of your service, because it simulates your clients’ potential activity.

Surely server-side monitoring can provide the same information?
No. Certain fundamental network princples prevent server-side monitoring from ever being able to provide a true client-side view. While it is true that server-side monitoring can detect things like the server being down or even running slow, it will not provide a clear profile of the life of a packet sent by a client.

What about the availability of the Internet SLR service?
Internet SLR uses a redundant configuration of servers to aid against outages. In addition, data is collected from multiple points-of-presence on the Internet.

What about a customized Internet SLR option?
Internet SLR provides a consulting service which can draw on extensive systems and networking experience. Tools, reports and customized techniques can be developed to meet your specific requirements. Depending on your requirement you may consider joining the Beta Program and actively participating in the development of new products.

How long should I continue to use Internet SLR?
Internet SLR can provide invaluable data over the life of your Internet service, from the initial time of roll out and on a continuing basis to measure the level of service being supplied to your customers.

We are continually updating our web service. How will Internet SLR help?
The more changes being made, the more likely a change will lead to your site being inaccessible to your customers. Internet SLR can provide an objective view on a regular basis to let you know what impact those updates are having.